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Moving or relocating an office is not an easy process. From planning to the final move, it is a stressful task for the facility managers to work with minimal disruptions that the new amenities meet the future needs of the company. Organizing and managing the aspects of moving needs a detailed planning without compromising the convenience of employees. For efficient office relocation, there are some essential things you should consider for avoiding the common mistakes in the allocation of cost or office resources. As the trusted office essentials supplier in Abu Dhabi, we would like to share you some important things you should consider before moving your office.

  1. Cost of relocation process

Cost of the entire relocation process cannot be estimated at the initial stage itself. But figuring out a general estimate is essential to pick up what is necessary in utilities and avoiding the racking up of unnecessary costs. If you are the project manager, you should manage the entire cost including office interiors and basic stationeries. You may find sticking to your budget is hard in the actual processing stage as hidden costs can occur at any time which should not overtake the estimates.

You have to consider the cost of reinstating the vacating office, any equipments that needs special maintenance, any time limitations which impacts the budget of moving. These things may be missed or the sizeable costs can be misjudged due to your inexperience. Finding a perfect relocation service can be beneficial to make a clear estimate.

  1. Office Interior Solutions

The new office space may need a complete refurbishment or only updating. The office interiors should be designed to fit for improving work productivity and of course should be a pleasant one. Your need to consult an interior design firm, who can deliver quality & standard finishes to the interiors, within your budget.

  1. Furniture for office

It’s completely your choice to get new furniture or old ones to the new office space. For modern interiors, both refurbishing and remanufacturing add benefits when done by professional architects. Choose furniture which efficiently utilize the space and that don’t make a promiscuous state of arrangement.

  1. Make an announcement of moving

Let the people outside know that your office is relocating. Your customers and clients have to be informed the new location and facilities. For an effective communication, you can notify it on the website, sending emails, posting on social media, distribute flyers etc.

  1. Relocating IT equipment

Relocating electrical and IT equipment is crucial so you need to consider for a complete upgrading or moving them. As for desktops, every employee’s setups will be different. So you need to audit equipment setups to recommission them to use in the new office. Data centers & servers have to be relocated securely and scheduled optimally without breakages or failures. If you have any leased equipment, get the approval from the vendor with necessary documentation. Ensure the telephone and internet connections are live from day one in the new office.

  1. Basic Stationery and essentials for the office

Office stationery items have to be purchased anew from a reliable office essential supplier in Abu Dhabi. Making a list for stationery and cleaning supplies with an estimated budget to avoid unnecessary costs. My office supply can help you plan your essential wish list completely under your budget.

  1. Create the Plan to move

Consulting a better relocation service provider can ease your job to move. From planning, packing and scheduling to unpacking and organizing, you will be least disrupted in managing everything with them.

Create a warm place to work is essential to improve the work productivity. Even after moving the office to a new environment, the convenience and comfort for the employees should not lessen. Moreover working resources have to be maintained of standard quality and filled without disruption.

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