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According to a study, the efficiency of your workers can be increased by offering the facilities of beverages at the workplace. Studies say that the provision of beverages is an easy way for your office to boost morale. They feel more enthusiastic about coming in when workers know they can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea when they arrive at work. Throughout the day they would also probably feel more relaxed.

According to a 2008 McKinsey & Company report, 61% of workers believe their employers care about their well-being if they have hot beverages.

Just read the advantages of providing your staff with free beverages

To get their drinks, workers do not have to leave the worksite.

A cup of hot drink will relax the mind of an employee, helping them concentrate on their task and be more efficient and creative.

When hot drinks are served, workers appear to feel more valued.

Happier workers, who spend more time working productively at the workplace, would eventually contribute to labor cost savings.

In short, when their workplace offers good-tasting coffee or other hot drinks, employees feel valued and have greater work satisfaction. This leads to less turnover of staff and discontent in the office space surrounding jobs.

Our My Office Supply team, a leading Office beverage supplier in UAE, is committed to transforming your workplace into a cooling point for your staff to ensure their wellbeing. My Office Supply brings the revolution in refreshments at the workplace.

My Office Supply is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, accompanied by a wide range of stylish and high-quality products, and is a renowned brand of Office beverage supplier in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Whatever your business requirements we can supply the product that perfectly suits your needs.

My Office Supply is an easy and inexpensive approach to strengthen motivation and productivity efficiency in your company. With the awareness of how much your workers enjoy coffee or tea at work, we are well experienced. Collaborating with My Office Supply is very easy. Our company offers a variety of hot beverage options at a reasonable price as being a leading office beverages supplier of UAE.

No two people are alike. Some people prefer their coffee black, for instance, while others like a little bit of coffee with their cream. Everyone likes to have their hot drinks differently. Therefore, including quality beverages, we also provide the creamers, sweeteners, and stirrers required so that each cup can be made to a particular individual’s exact tastes.

We realize that your company comes first and that purchasing food and office supplies can be time-consuming. That is why, by providing online ordering services and personalized attention, we make the ordering process easier! The key reason behind establishing a respected reputation as the best Office beverage supplier throughout UAE is our quality products and affordable price.

Since we began trading, customer service has always been highly significant to My Office Supply.

Our promising services include

An office beverage service can have a positive effect on your workers, whether your company is a startup or a large corporation. This will guide you through your choices and advise you the following things:

The types of available coffee and beverages

The available services

The machinery that you will require

The estimated cost of beverages served at the workplace

You only need to contact us once you have decided yourself about all the available choices and benefits of an office beverage service and are ready to make an order. We will provide you free quotes on prices and answer any questions you might have.

Based on the amount and quality of beverages you want to buy, the price you will pay can vary. Since every organization has specific requirements, it is hard to provide an exact number, but we can provide you with an average range of real-world rates.

When reviewing office beverages suppliers in UAE, take price into consideration including the quality of product and customer service. The price on the quotation of products that suppliers offer may be fixed or negotiable. it depends on the suppliers.

Never hesitate to ask for a better deal while negotiating the cost of your service.

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For 10 years we have been selling all kinds of office supplies, cleaning materialsoffice beverages, and snacks and are dedicated to providing our clients with the most excellent environmentally friendly and safe and natural products. We have everything you need to ensure a smooth and easy workflow. Find all essentials like copy paper, pens, marker, stapler, post-its, etc. on

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For both existing and unknown brands, we do this. The service our customers deserve must be achieved. We’re not selling any product we haven’t tried.

Our top priority is your satisfaction. For this purpose, to support you and ensure you receive first-class service, we have put together a team of friendly, professional people. And as well as, we make a guarantee of 100 percent satisfaction. If you are not truly satisfied for any reason, we will do what we can to make things right.