UV Resistant Cable Ties UAE

UV resistant cable ties as the name suggests are cable ties which protect form UV radiations. They are made with a number of features to ensure good results. They are applicable in a number of industries. From using it in electronic appliances to tying files of project their usage is broad and vast. At My Office Supply you will find multipurpose first-rate UV resistant cable ties. Our cable ties are designed to secure wire bundles firmly and strongly. Since these cables are made with topmost quality they can be utilized for other applications as well. They can be used for various domestic purposes and commercial purposes. They are manufactured specifically to be flexible with high tensile strength. This feature enables practical and convenient usage. Our cable ties are designed to support 50 oz weight.  The self locking feature of these cable ties helps in holding things tightly and steadfastly. We never compromise on quality and all our cable ties are of uniform premium standards. Our cable ties are inflammable and strong and exposure to UV radiation does not cause it any damage.

My Office Supply can undisputedly say that we are the industry leader in the supply of UV resistant Cable ties UAE. Over the years we have developed well equipped infrastructure and technology to meet the requirement of our consumers. Require top-notch UV resistant Cable ties UAE, immediately contact us!

Multipurpose high quality cable ties, shiny, flexible and will support all your projects. My office supply, Qatar, provides all types of cable zips with the following features.


  • Self locking and UV resistant Cable ties
  • High tensile strength. Can hold up to 50 oz loads.
  • Temperatures from -35c to 85c
  • Best ul inflammability.
  • Ideal for making fences, arts and crafts projects.
  • Premium quality cable ties


Types matter on applications. They are widely used in the automotive sector, aerospace industry, equipment Manufacturing, consumer appliances and electronics, in enclosures and cabinets, construction and mining fields.

Types and colors we supply

My office supply, Qatar, provides all types of premium quality cable ties, spanking for outdoor use. CE certified cable ties come in more than 10 colours and we supply standard types, releasable cable ties,push mount, screw mount, market cable ties, heavy duty ties, stainless steel types,hook and loop cable ties.