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The post-covid period has brought many challenges for public. In this phase, the cleanliness of restroom cleanliness is of utmost importance. The ultimate challenge is to keep away from the viruses that can spread through airborne droplets and touching the surfaces. Hence, the cleaning products in Dubai are required more for getting rid of the reactions of the germy surfaces. Health and safety of the visitors depends on the quality of these supplies and hence, the disinfectant cleaners and restroom products adds to the major cleaning supply inventory. The cleaning supplies for office in Abu Dhabi needs to be carefully chosen as there could be no compromise made on the disinfectant cleaners and restroom products to add to the custodial supplies inventory.

Disinfectants for Killing Covid

COVID-19 viruses can be killed with the surface disinfectants, cleaners, sanitizers, sprays, wipes and other products. Handwash and soap are the eliminants of the EPA-registered disinfectants listed on List-N.

Restroom Cleaners are Vital

Restroom is as clean as it looks. The powerful surface sanitizers can eliminate the germs but the special cleaners can reduce the soap scum, hard water stains and mineral-based soils to get an absolutely clean restroom. An eco-friendly and all-purpose cleaner can remove grime and grit without impacting the environment in any way. The products need not emit fumes, residues or chemical reactions.

Soap Dispensers

The high-touch surfaces in public restrooms are replaced with touch-free dispensers for easy usage. The hands-free units are available in different forms and the cleaning soap can be refilled into the hand soap cartridges.

Touchless Towel Dispensers

The cleaning supplies for office in Abu Dhabi for towel dispensers have been installed with high-quality paper towels that can be used for hands drying. The automated hand dryers can distribute the airborne droplets that can spread the viruses and bacteria. The touchless paper towel dispensers are the best and come in a variety of designs with the high cabinet capacity to store the paper towels. The new units can eliminate tabbing and tearing for reducing waste and ensure that the paper products are not wasted in any way.

Touch-free sanitizer dispenser

Soap and water are not enough at today’s times for protection against the virus spread. It is important to ensure that the soap dispensers are full but hand sanitizer is a quick way to remove the germs and remain free from Covid attack. The high alcohol concentrations of the sanitizers make it an important product for adding to the supplies list and the dispenser ensures that the products are spread well on the hands.

Touch free solutions are the best protection against the germ spread in the restrooms. They reduce waste and maintain cleaner environments. The cleanliness and safety of restrooms ensures the health and safety of the maintenance workers. Do not forget to stock up on the personal protection equipment and choose the eco-friendly chemicals that are free from any harsh chemicals or fumes.


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