What are the shipping charges?

No shipping fees are applicable. Without any shipping costs, we devote ourselves to delivering our products.

What types of payment do you agree with?

On our website, we accept Visa and MasterCard.

Our sales team may also handle other payments, such as checks or cash on delivery . Please contact us to place your order to pay using one of these methods.

Is a minimum order available?

No, as little as you want, you can order! No minimum orders are applicable

Do you sell your products at the lowest price?

The lowest price is 100% guaranteed for our products.

How do I return My purchase?

If you are unsatisfied and wish to return your purchases, please reach our customer service

What’s the delivery arrival time of the product?

Ensure your shipment reaches every day of the week from 10 am until 7 pm unless Friday. We grant first-come-first-served delivery times. Within 2 days we will deliver your order.

Do you supply all over UAE?

Yes. You can get the benefit of our shipment throughout the UAE.

Do you prefer online payment?

Yes. With Mastercard and Visa card, you can pay online.

Delivery Information

Yes, we promote free shipping on all orders placed. We deliver all working days except Friday.