SECTION 1 – What do we do with your info?

Your name, email address, and address, and other personal data may be given to us during the purchasing process. We keep your IP (Internet Protocol) automatically.

This info lets us learn more about your operating system and your browser

We ask for authority to share your email updates on our products, our online shop, and our business.


We will not reveal your details unless it is necessary by law to do so or you have breached our Terms of Service.


The credit card details you provide to us are automatically encrypted with Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL) and stored using AES-256 encryption. There’s no 100 percent safe transmission or storage device, but we meet the PCI-DSS and other industry standards needed.

session-id, unique token, sessional, Allows us to store information about your session on our web referrer, landing page.

visit, no data held, Continue your visit 30 minutes and report your visits to our website provider

uniq, will not retain your data and will remain on until the next midnight. It shows how much a customer visits our website

Cart, a special token that lasts for a fortnight and states the items inside your cart

secure session-id, a unique session, and a token

Store, the token is often applied when this code is enabled to decide if a current user has some link with our store if this search app occurs immediately.


Whenever appropriate, we reserve the right to amend our privacy policy. Any updates to our privacy policy will take effect as soon as publications are published. To keep you aware of what we are storing, how we use the information, and how this information is used or disclosed, we will notify you of any changes to our privacy policy.

If our store merges with a different business or is bought by another, we will share your details with the new owners so that continuous services can be facilitated.