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Companies require their full focus on their daily operations in a highly competitive market. A business can’t successfully advertise and market to acquire customers without its office supplies. In almost every company office today, office supplies such as printing devices, printer ink, and printer papers are used.

Take this list of must-have tools and office supplies with you to help you make the best decisions.

Basic Writing Tools

A simple ballpoint pen, such as a medium-point Bic Round Sticks in black, blue, or red, is excellent and inexpensive.

If you are looking for a mechanical pencil with a lead that will not break every time you try to write, try out the 0.7 mm lead Pentel Twist-Erase Express Mechanical Pencil. It’s also refillable!

Take five packs of permanent markers from MyOfficeSupply,the best provider of office supplies in Abu Dhabi competitive price. It can be used to write on cardboard or boxes, label the food packets, and label the office files.

Finally, get a bright set of highlighters to arrange your action items from recent meeting notes, as well as any mistakes that need to be corrected.

Self-Sticky Notes

Self-Sticky Notes are a great way to keep track of important information. When time is of the essence, use self-stick notes to make sure your messages are remembered. Sticky notes are the perfect companion for your fast-paced work, from little reminders to simple, but important correspondence.

We also use them to identify action items, flag a page in an agreement or for a brainstorming session.

Most of the office stationery suppliers in Abu Dhabi will recommend you to have the self-sticky notes for your office.

In the following three dimensions, please consider maintaining Self-Sticky Notes pads: 2″x1,” 3″x3″ and 3″x5.”


Although we are using technology designed to render us paperless, we still all need notepads. We use these to list and write draft memoranda or letters at meetings.

Binder Dividers or Tabs

For office use, binding dividers are useful to maintain organized important documents that are essential to complete projects on time. The use of binder tabs to access paperwork is an intelligent way to keep up with tasks, be it as the sole manager or team member. Labeled contents facilitate the preparation and reference of materials during customer meetings and brainstorms. Strengthened color and white tabs prevent damage in handling and storage with various design options for preferences and formatting.

Check for dividers and other binder accessories at MyOfficeSupply, an office essentials supplier in Abu Dhabi to accommodate offices, reception areas, and educational establishments.

Files and Folders

It is essential to keep documents safe and to identify them easily and quickly. The care for documents will not tear, get lost, or dirty easily.

A filing system for an organization is a central record-keeping system. It helps you organize, systematically, effectively, and transparently. It also helps all individuals to have easy access to information.

It is always a wonderful experience if someone searches for something and finds it easily. We work in teams in our organizations. Documents about different subjects are received and sent. For future reference, we must keep these documents. We will not be able to account for all of our organizational operations if these documents are not taken care of. Everyone who requires documentation should be aware of where it can be obtained.

Colored hanging folders with plastic label tabs and plain Manila file folders are the best investments. Colored folders can be easily found and recognized. For instance, you can easily see where to search for a particular file if you put all your client files in yellow folders, financial data in blue folders, and any marketing information in red files.

Binder Clips for Keeping Things Organized

Binder clips are a great way to stay organized. You will want to stock up on small, medium, and big sizes. They may be used to assemble project resources, organize materials for distribution at meetings or training classes, and corral documents before filing. Binder clips purchased from office essential supplier in Abu Dhabi can be used to arrange bills that need to be paid or coupons that need to be redeemed at the grocery store

3-Hole Punch

 If all papers and notes are just loose inside, binders will never be an excellent organizational tool. Most documents are punched and filed in the appropriate binder section regularly by keeping a 3-hole punch on your desk.

This is one tool that can pay off investing a little more. There is nothing worse than documents that have been stanzed uniformly or, which do not match the other documents in the binder.

Paper Shredder

Paper piles add to the clutter and increase the risk of a fire. As part of an organization-wide records management system, offices must dispose of these documents regularly. Many businesses invest in office shredders and appoint someone to be in charge of proper document disposal and destruction.

It is important to have a shredder or document destruction device. The shredding paper contributes to keeping us in line with legislation, protecting forests, preventing identity theft, and eliminating clutter and fire dangers.


Although many office supply trends have come and gone, the stapler has remained a constant in the workplace. This is one that you can’t overlook when it comes to stocking your office with the right supplies.

A stapler is a must-have when it comes to keeping your documents together.

This is particularly important when working with large paper stacks, such as when compiling a handbook or training guide. The fast and easy way to finish the job is a heavy electric stapler. The best way to collect brochures and other little documents is through a booklet stapler.

Staplers are not just for professional papers that you hand over to others. A jumble of papers on your desk can sabotage your productivity and force you to waste time looking for what you need. A quick staple or two, on the other hand, is a straightforward solution.

Lastly, staplers are useful for a variety of tasks, and having a few different kinds on hand will benefit both you and your employees. Browse our high-quality staplers at to add to your collection.

Snacks and Beverages

Healthier snacks and beverages keep your workers satisfied for longer periods. Ensure that snacks with a higher protein are available. Serve snacks that contain nuts or seeds instead of foods that are high in carbs and sugars.

Have your staff access snacks easily because it helps your business and their health. Employees want to do better work for your business when they are happier. If you want to provide your employees with a nice advantage, consider giving your company free sales. This facilitates your employees’ access to food and makes them ready to eat their snacks throughout the whole day. Always consider the best pantry supplies in Dubai for the good health of your employees.

pantry supplies in Dubai

The team that makes a business run smoothly is the key to its success. The recruited team must not only be qualified but also remain centered and productive. In order to be efficient, the employee must have access to the necessary skills, equipment, and office supplies.

In addition to improving employee productiveness, good office equipment and good office supplies also send a good message to the customer and the public.

My Office Supply, one of the leading office essentials suppliers in Abu Dhabi, offers high-quality shredding devices that are competitively priced.

With people returning to the office, they will be interested in all possible ways to minimize germ transfer. Timetables, office designs, and social distancing will of course be important, but also important office supplies.

At My Office Supply, one of the best office essentials suppliers in Abu Dhabi, we reconsider procurement and come up with new ways to bring our clients’ wants and needs together.

We offer custom solutions to help companies save time, money, and carbon by carrying all of the goods they need to run and expand. All of which are accompanied by our unrivaled customer service.

We help solve the challenges of the customer while challenging their way of thinking about the essentials. Also, this gives their businesses real value.

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