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Coffee is a beverage loved by many people. Whether it is the beginning of a day or tiredness within office hours, coffee is a solution to all the times. Some people limit their coffee intake while others take it throughout the day. The office beverages suppliers in UAE undertake coffee as an integral part of their working routine and hence, it is supplied maximum in the offices and workplaces for the best productivity of employees.

Coffee drinking habits are considered as a daily part of the routine and are considered as fuel to begin the day or getting a pickup from the slump in the middle of the day. Your relationship with coffee products is understood by the office pantry suppliers and they undertake it as an important task to arrange the best coffee for the workplaces to boost the stamina and revamp any laziness or sadness coming up in the minds. There are coffee vending machines or ready coffee pots available for the workers to enjoy the beverage during the working day. It has become an expected part of the work and hence, the pantry supplies in Dubai include the most exclusive coffee packaging for the working employees.

Coffee for ‘caffeine intake’

The main constituent of coffee is caffeine. Some people drink coffee for taste and flavors but others look for the caffeine hit that wakes them up from laziness. Caffeine is used by shift workers to stay awake during the night shift. The reason is that caffeine prevents the brain to absorb adenosine chemical that triggers the flags in the brain that makes you feel tired. Adenosine is produced by the neurons throughout the day and it makes the nervous system tired. The caffeine intake blocks adenosine impact by making you feel calm.

Does coffee work for office productivity?
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The researches reveal that coffee improves memory and cognitive function. It can improve the performance and the impact remains for a longer time. People consume instant caffeine shots for remaining alert and ready to take up the challenges. The first cup of coffee must be taken after a few minutes of waking up. A cup of coffee in the office with your team will increase the potential productivity of the workforce. A good cup of coffee can set you up for a fantastic day. Whatever your mood or state of mind is, coffee can help to remain calm and balanced.

Health Benefits of Coffee

The office pantry supplies in Abu Dhabi consist of coffee as an important element. Studies reveal that coffee taken without sugar is a healthier option. The occurrence of cardiovascular diseases decreases with coffee intake. It even results in improved memory, cognitive functioning, and many other pros but only if taken in the appropriate amount.
You can become addicted to consuming too much coffee as excessive caffeine makes you restless and frazzled at times. It is never advisable to consume coffee just before going to bed.


Anything in moderation is good and if you want to add to productivity for your team, check our My Office Supply to order for your office pantry supplies in Abu Dhabi. They are the leading office beverages suppliers in UAE with experience in serving the best quality office refreshments. They supply quality products with premium brands at the most affordable prices. The coffee machines are supplied with an extensive range of premium coffee for workplaces. Apart from office refreshments, they are also the best office stationery suppliers in Dubai with the experience of handling office supplies from small to large leveled organizations.

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