How Trash Bags Should be Used in an Office Environment along with Tips on How to Keep it Clean

Post Date : February 11, 2023

The office is an environment that must promote a healthy work culture, so the employees will be motivated to perform well, stay happy and physically fit. Did you know that a seemingly insignificant thing as the trash bag can affect the work environment? Yes, that’s true because the office environment has to be clean and hygienic with no disturbing odour that might really take their mind off work. With unpleasant smells coming from the trash cans, they will be disgusted and irritated, and their mood to work diminished considerably. So one of the first things that you must do while getting your office ready, is to partner with the best cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai so that you can get the best quality materials for your office, including bins that can mask bad odour.

The unpleasant odours disturbing your staff and visitors are not the only issue. The trash bags contain leftover food items that may be the best breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This would spread diseases, leading to various forms of diseases, making everyone sick all the time.

It is very important to get the right number of trash cans in the office because that matters a lot. Your plastic bag supplier in Dubai can deliver the cans as and when they need to be replaced. You can order them online, and they will be delivered on time.

Just getting a huge bin, and placing it at the corner of the room will not be helpful. If your staff has tiny cubicles or desks, you can place small trash cans under their desks for throwing dry waste. Food waste must never be dropped at these cans, even empty Pepsi, Cola cans can be the cause of odour.

Big trash cans can be placed in the kitchen, canteen and pantry areas. These are to be of the highest quality because the food will rot in these cans, but the smell should be masked. These trash cans will be cleaned out every other day and disinfected so they can be fit for use.

It is very important to get leak-proof trash bags, because you don’t want people throwing waste into the bags, and the leak spreading on the floor. That could be very unsightly, ugly and cause bad odour.

Where to Place those Trash Bags

Check out these tips on how and where you can place those bags:

1. Just the right number of cans would be perfect

Too many cans in different places can be confusing. The number of cans will depend on how big the office is. It would be good to place the bags in such a way that the staff doesn’t have to walk back and forth too many times. If the offices are too large, then you can place small cans at their desk, and these can be cleaned out at the end of the day, or they can transfer the contents into a bigger can for easy removal.

2. Place near the exits and entrances

If your office is of medium size, then you don’t have to place cans at the cubicles of each employee. You can place them at the entrance and exits, near washrooms, cafeteria, etc.

Placing the trash bags at the right places will promote cleanliness and hygiene in the offices. You can contact cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai to order the bags for your office.

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