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In order to stay updated and to make office cleaning activity an easy task it is important to adopt and adapt to modern office cleaning techniques and supplies. My Office Supply the leading store for cleaning supplies for office Abu Dhabi and Dubai have several cleaning products Dubai and Abu Dhabi that you can choose from for making your building clean and pristine. Being one of the best cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai, we have top quality products. We also keep on adding new cleaning supplies for office Abu Dhabi. If you are searching for cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai, to buy the finest quality cleaning products Dubai then shop from us without any delay.

How to clean your office?

  • Start from top
  • Clean the floors last
  • Clean from back to front
  • Before starting any wet cleaning, first dry clean the areas

Some modern office cleaning techniques and supplies are discussed below:

Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfecting

As the name implies this cleaning method involves the process of spraying liquids which includes cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers. The solutions pass through the nozzles of the equipment and are sprayed to the surfaces. The charging solutions are electrostatically charged and this property allows it coat the surfaces completely. Even the difficult to reach places such as corners can also be cleaned in this way. When compared to other regular methods using. Electrostatic sprayer disinfecting offers optimum cleaning of areas.

UV Sanitizing Wand

UV sanitation wands are great in removing dust mites, various kinds of mold, bacteria, virus and other microorganisms. Mainly this was used in facilities such as hospitals and industries but today it is used as part of cleaning activities in different buildings and locations.

Steam Cleaning Technology

Steam cleaning technology which was majorly used for car cleaning is now used for cleaning and sanitizing office spaces. Steam cleaning is a modern cleaning technique which has many advantages. In order to maintain the workplace environment safe, steam cleaning technique is an effective and efficient method. Steam cleaning can be used to clean not only the floors, doors, walls etc but also even the equipments used in the office including the desktops and telephones. The chemicals used are non-toxic and minimum quantity of water is utilized. Steam cleaning eliminates all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Floor Polishers and Buffers

Floor polishers and buffers not only cleans the floors but also gives the floors an appealing appearance. It can give the shine back to the floors which was lost over the period of time. They are suitable for different types of floors including tiles, marbles, hardwood etc. Diverse types of polishers and buffers are available Some equipments can include combination of functionalities for providing highly efficient service.

Handheld Scrubber

Just like how handheld vacuum cleaners are popular, handheld scrubbers are also popular today. It is convenient to use and can be used on different surfaces including walls, floors etc. They are lightweight and hence can be easily carried around from one place to another. It can be utilized to remove the stubborn dirt, stains, and scuff marks on the surfaces. It can even be employed for cleaning the sinks and other tiles areas of the office. The scrubbing brushes in this equipment can even be interchanged with polishing fabric to clean the glass surfaces. There are different types of models with varied sizes and kinds of polishing pads and brushes.

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