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Beverages and different types of drinks are essential for office pantry. They will give the employees a break from their hectic schedule and a morale boost to work better. My Office Supply, one of the best office beverages suppliers in UAE have variety of beverages and drinks from popular brands.


Coffee can be made in numerous ways. A coffee is best to relive your stress and also your sleepiness. A cup of coffee will make you feel energetic and happy. Coffee can be prepared using different varieties of coffee powder, coffee beans, coffee bags and so on. Different coffee beans are also blended and mixed to make flavoured coffee. Coffee beans are also roasted at different levels to create diverse kinds of coffee. Coffee of different brands having superb flavours is also available.

With so many choices and options available you will often get confused which brand or from which seller to buy for your office pantry, My Office Supply, the leading seller of office pantry supplies Dubai have varied kinds of coffee powder, beans and so on from trusted and renowned brands. Whatever type of coffee you require be it mocha, latte, double chocolate, espresso etc we have the raw materials with us. Being the leading office beverages suppliers in UAE, our brands include Nescafe, Nestle, Starbucks, Lavazza and so on. As per the preference, purchase for your office pantry and make the best coffee at your office.


Similar to coffee lovers there are also tea lovers. Some people even require tea in regular intervals for relaxation and to remove their fatigue. Tea has many health benefits and sipping a cup of tea after a long day or between tedious tasks will give the employees the much needed break. A tired employee will not be able to work properly. The concentration level of such an employee will be low and this in turn will affect the productivity. Tea can help individuals to relax and bring back the energy in them. Tea rejuvenates people and can boost the immune system. There are different types of tea available like white tea, black tea, green tea, flavoured tea and so on. If you are looking for buying office pantry supplies Dubai contact My Office Supply the finest office beverages suppliers in UAE. We have different kinds of tea from first rated brands available with us. Brands sold by us include Twinings, TATA, Lipton, Ahmad and many more. Go through our site and buy the diverse kinds of tea for your office pantry.


Drinks are essential in office pantry. It will not only quench the thirst but will also make the workers feel refreshed and energetic. You can keep various fruit juices and soft drinks in the pantry. During the summer stocking up more drinks will be helpful for employees. Purchase from My Office Supply various kinds of pantry supplies Dubai including the different drinks like Red Bull Energy Drink, Sprite Soft Drink, Pepsi Soft Drink, Lacnor Fruit Juices etc.

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