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There are numerous varieties of cleaning equipment available in the market. Buying the right equipment suitable for your cleaning activity is important. My Office Supply UAE, the leading cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai offers high grade products for all kinds of commercial settings. Our extensive range of products combined with outstanding service has turned into one of the topmost office supply store Dubai.

You have to consider many things while buying cleaning equipments to ensure its productivity. Below given are a few of them.


There are numerous varieties of cleaning equipment available in the market. Buying the right equipment suitable for your cleaning activity is important. Before you purchase cleaning products consider whether they will meet your need. Look into the quality and the ratings and reviews of the products.


Some products may come with additional accessories. In such products check how the accessories are used and how it will help in the cleaning process. Also know about the availability of spare parts.
Performance and productivity

You have to check whether the equipment will give effective performance and whether it is productive. Things like how much area can be cleaned, equipments’ capacity and working technique have to be understood in detail. The repair and the maintenance required if any should also be found out.

Service Support

Just like quality product, quality service is also important. Before you fix on a supplier examine their terms and conditions and their service support activities. Suppliers who offer good service will respond to you quickly and promptly. They will assist you in purchasing the most suitable products.

Return policy, Warranty and Best before date

Whenever you buy any equipment return policy, warranty and best before date should be examined. If any issue arises while using the products having adequate information about it will help you to address it easily.


Some products come in handy for varied purposes. They can be employed for different cleaning activities. Inspect for what all purposes the product can be utilized. The more versatile the product the more beneficial it will be.

Brand and Suppliers

It is always recommended to buy products from trusted brands and suppliers. Reputed suppliers sell only products which are of excellent quality. Such products will be long lasting and effective.

Physical attributes

Look into the various physical aspects of the products. Buying products not suitable for your cleaning purpose is a waste of money and time. Therefore look into the size and the various materials used in the equipments.

Portability, handling and working of equipments

Cleaning equipments are frequently moved from one place to another, therefore portability, ease of handling and working of the equipments has to be examined.

Cost effectiveness

While buying any equipment analyze whether the product is worth the money you are paying. The value of the product should be on par with its life expectancy, effectiveness, efficiency.


You wouldn’t want to clutter any place with the cleaning equipments. Therefore make sure the equipment is made in such a way that it makes storage easy.

My Office Supply, cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai provides cleaning products Dubai adhering to all industry standards. We guarantee high quality products blended with desired results.

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