Workplace Kits and Office Pantry Supplies – Office Pantry Ideas

Post Date : December 27, 2022

Long hours of work with no breaks in between can be tiring for employees. It will eventually affect their morale and productivity. In order to improve the workplace culture and to facilitate a positive environment, having workplace pantry is a must. A well stocked office pantry not only gives employees a break from the hectic work schedule but also imparts energy and nutrition to employees. My Office Supply has wide range of office pantry supplies Dubai. We are renowned and trusted for providing excellent office pantry supplies Abu Dhabi and pantry supplies Dubai.

A few choices of supplies which can be included in the office pantry are given below.

Coffee Machine

A cup of coffee is sure to boost anyone who is sleepy and tired. Investing in a machine lets employees to have coffee whenever they feel like it. Having coffee with colleagues also help workers to interact with each other and build a bond. A coffee machine without proper ingredients is of no use. Hence it is important to make sure that there is enough stock of coffee beans and coffee supplies.


Condiments like sauces, salt, pepper, pickle, honey etc are necessary items in a pantry. They can be stocked up as per the requirement of workers. The employees are most likely to search for condiments to go with their food.


Along with clean drinking water an office should also make provisions for adding other beverages like milk, tea, fruit juices and other drinks. Canned juice can last for a long period of time. A chilled juice provides relief during the summers. Accompanying supplies of beverages like tea powder, coffee powder, sugar, creamer and so on should also be kept in the pantry.


Packed snacks are a great treat for employees. Often there is a misconception that snacks are unhealthy and expensive. But there are many snacks like oats biscuits, mixed nuts, crackers etc which are healthy and provide nutrition and energy to employees. Snacks like protein bars are available in different flavors and ingredients. They are healthy and easy to have during work hours. Several snacks can be delicious as well as priced reasonably. My Office Supply, the leading distributor of pantry supplies Abu Dhabi has variety of packed snacks which are affordable and are well suited for office pantry.


Chocolates can power workers to work in a better manner. Chocolates are loved by most of the people. Taking a break and having chocolate can refresh anyone. The tiredness of long hours of work gets diminished easily by having chocolates. My Office Supply has numerous types of chocolate for pantry supplies Dubai.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are nutritious and simple to eat. They can be conveniently distributed among employees in between their work hours.

Trail Mix

Trail mix contains mixed varieties of nuts, chocolates, pretzels, dry fruits etc. They are a good source of protein. They are also appetizing.

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