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Before returning to work, firms must establish new tactics and safety procedures as states and localities continue to relax the limits on stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and minimize its impact on employees, OSHA is encouraging businesses to develop coronavirus workplace safety rules.

For many people, the COVID-19 outbreak is extremely draining, drastically altering their daily lives. All members of society, especially employers and employees, should take steps to safeguard themselves and one another and assist prevent the disease from spreading further. WHO is offering advice and updated information on COVID-19, as well as how businesses can protect their employees, what workplace precautions they should take, and other connected issues.

No one can forecast the future, but as we move toward a post-COVID workplace, we should learn from the past (and present).

Now, the reception section should no longer be used for only one purpose. It would be useful to include a check-in station within the reception area that allows for temperature checks, hand sanitizer, masks, and dedicated floor areas to eliminate germs from shoes.

Consider the reception area to be a high-tech welcoming center for visitors and employees alike.

There is a list of reception desk supplies that makes the difference between a glorified greeter and an integral employee of an organization when it comes to offering top-level front desk services.

Face Masks

A face mask is essential not just for outdoor trips but also for the workplace. It protects the nose and mouth from viruses and bacteria by acting as a robust barrier. You can order face masks from online office supply stores.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is another basic but vital needed item. A hand sanitizer becomes the next best thing to provide the visitors and employees just after entering the office premises. Because it is unlikely that anyone will be able to avoid touching any surface at all, alcohol-based hand sanitizers will help kill germs while also keeping the hands clean.

Hand Gloves

Although optional, hand gloves can provide additional hand shielding. Sometimes the hands may come into contact with various surfaces. Hand gloves can protect the hands against germs and other bacteria. It is, therefore, one of the important items to add to the reception desks for the security of your visitors and employees.

Disinfectant Wipes

These bleached cleansers or disinfectant wipes offered by online office supply stores can aid in the cleaning of different surfaces one could touch. For instance, it can be used to clean the buttons while entering the elevator or lift. You can also clean often touched parts of the desk using these sanitizing disinfectant wipes. It can also be used to clean the desk items in a handy way.

Bottled Water

The FDA’s Trusted Source established the bottled water guidelines. They ask that bottled water be processed and transported in sanitary circumstances, with systems in place to ensure the water’s safety.

This indicates that bottled water is generally safe to drink. As a result, it is permissible to offer only bottled water, to visitors that adhere to the Covid-19 safety protection.

Thermal Imaging Systems

Thermal imaging systems, which can be added to the reception desk, are one of the most crucial items among all office supplies in Dubai to consider. To measure a person’s temperature, thermal imaging systems, and non-contact infrared thermometers, which are non-contact temperature assessment devices, can be utilized. Although an infected individual may be contagious without an elevated fever or other easily identifiable symptoms, an elevated temperature is one approach to identify a person who may have a COVID-19 infection.

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Social Distance Floor Stickers

With easy-to-see floor stickers, you communicate vital safety information and advise visitors or employees to keep their distance. They are designed to stick to smooth surfaces like tile, concrete, and granite. At My Office Supply, a leading Office Snacks Supplier in Abu Dhabi, our floor stickers are durable enough to withstand foot traffic, yet thin enough to be comfortable to step on. To help increase awareness and create personal space, place your unique floor stickers on a clean, level surface.

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